The One Room School House

“The main elementary school was two miles down a tree-lined dirt road from the one room schoolhouse I attended during fourth grade. In that classroom there was an interesting implement, a globe. I spun the ball so fast it became one color. I was the most powerful kid in the universe, spinning the world; my imagination went along for the ride. I was soon asked not to do that.”  Here I am this past summer revisiting the old schoolhouse.

Yep, this is where I got into trouble with Mrs. Gillow.

Yep, this is where I got into trouble with Mrs. Gillow.


Kaleidoscope Book Club Invitation

Members of the Kaleidoscope Book Club

Members of the Kaleidoscope Book Club

Local author, Reef Perkins, joins Kaleidoscope Book Club for their monthly discussion.

“Sex, Salvage & Secrets” was the topic of conversation on a July Wednesday night. Reef and wife Roberta joined the group and shared details from the book. After dinner Reef performed a reading from his memoir. Most requested: The story about the crazy Jamaican and the older woman who was being hypnotized.  

The Kaleidoscope Book Club has been meeting since August of 2000. 

Since the year 1620, when the Mayflower washed up on the beach at Plymouth Rock, there has been a Perkins on the loose in this country. This is the story of one such Perkins. Born when he was very young Perkins came to fruition in the rural cow pastures and swollen swamps of southern Michigan.

From volunteering to be buried in the mud on the bottom of the Potomac River to casually leaping out of helicopters and into the slippery Tongue of the Ocean, Perkins takes the reader through a life of adventure, bad licks, bold naiveté and random happenings. Time spent in Vietnam destroying other people’s property, life as an experimental diver, smuggler, prisoner, Key West salvage captain and several marriages have only served to further confuse the young Perkins.

Driven by series of absurd experiences to the strangest calling of all, an author, Perkins now makes that sincere confusion available to the public in this mildew-resistant, soft-bound, edible edition.

Written by ear, Sex, Salvage and Secrets (sub-titled Must Be Present to Win) is the rapid-fire journey of a young man thrust into premature adulthood and forced to pretend he understands what is happening and, even more befuddling …why.

Colorful characters and dubious language mix with unanswered questions and cutting edge punctuation to bring to life the tropical meanderings of a man, who with great enthusiasm and limited intellect, ended up being here and-Present to Win.